I'm Alexandria.
Eighteen ● Australia ● Single

kik: ahoyalexandria

Anonymous said: You're sexy

thx :x

i didnt even realise people still use tumblr..

Anonymous said: Topless Tuesday!


Anonymous said: Hiiiiiiii

Hey dude.

Anonymous said: He is pefectt omg. What tattoos are they?

He’s not that great! ;D
Ah, he’s doing his mario brothers sleeve because hes obsessed with mario.
He drew it on his own arm in the mirror for god sake. He’s in the process of colouring it at the moment. 


Anonymous said: what does wayne look like? how old is he? how long have you been together? whats you guys story? how much do you love him?

That’s my shit head.  ^
He’ll probably kill me for posting those photos but he’ll get over it. c:

He’s soon to be 23. 

We’ve been seeing each other for about 6 months. 

Ah, our story is fucked. I actually hated him at first, but he called me this one night and he got really attached and i was overwhelmed and he would annoy me and message me at the exact same time every night and in the end i fell for him and yeah. 

I hate his stupid face and his dumb hair and annoying smile.,
but i do love him most of the time when im not screaming at him. :)))

crazyyyyyyyone-deactivated20140 said: Why did you do this? I really don't want sth sexual!!

im just gonna keep publishing what you say

Anonymous said: who the fuck is wayne?

My lovely man who i love very much.

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